Northland Football Team Beats Lutheran North


Reilly Forsyth, Writer

On Friday October 14 2022, the NCS football team had an amazing victory against lutheran North. The final score was 62-14. The offense made an amazing effort to make that type of a score. The defense also did an amazing job with getting sacks, tackles for loss, and even an interception! A good win to set the cougars off into the next week against Rosehill.


They game was a positive and energetic sight to see. Between the communication from the offense and the defense, you could feel the sense of productivity among the team. This leaves the cougars as of right now with a strong 2-0 record for district so far. We all shall see how this next game against Rosehill goes!

According to Jackson, “It felt good to win against Lutheran and I got to play a lot and Carson got and touchdown and it was just a good win. I know we can do the same again this week” With Rosehill ahead this might be a good team to match up against the cougars. With the coaching staff of NCS this year, this game will for sure get interesting.