What is the Big Deal about Mums?


Reilly Forsyth, Writer

Homecoming mums have been in Texas sense the 1930’s. According to texashighways.com, the first known mums were actually in Missouri. Missouri was also the first state to ever host a homecoming football game in 1911. In the 1900’s, the tradition was to have own flower on their mum. However, as time progressed the tradition got more extreme adding more things to the mum.


The mum and garter tradition is a confirmed Texas tradition. It is a tradition where the male date will design and order the mum while the female date will design and order the garter. Sometimes, but not always, the 2 dates will exchange the mum and garter the night before homecoming. However, over the years this tradition has weakened meaning and now some high school students just purchase or make their own.

After interviewing a freshman, she said, “I like mums personally. You can design them in any way you like or imagine. I don’t think you should spend over 200 dollars on a hoco mum.” A quote from Savannah, “They the very fun and I love to see other people wearing them. You should max spend around $100 on a mum personally.” So with home coming today we should be looking forward to seeing some very cool mums!