Railroad Worker Union goes on Strike


Reilly Forsyth, Writer

As of 11/29/22, there are less than 2 weeks left until the railroad worker strike deadline is. According to https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2022/11/28/rail-strike-biden-congress/, President Biden has called on Congress to adopt the “Tentative Agreement.”  This agreement was voted down by 4 unions representing the union members. According to the workers, they are frustrated and angry that the deal lacks paid sick days and other changes to their attendance policy.

After interviewing a sophomore named Ava Loraditch, “It is good because it is like a democracy, and that they can show what they do and do not like. I feel like the government isn’t doing a good job handling the peoples needs and letting it escalate. The people are being overworked and that is not ok.”


This union strike is actually very important, we transport a lot of our cars, foods and construction materials, along with many more things by railroads. If railroad workers go on strike, that could possibly slow products from getting on shelfs quickly. It could also slow automobile production.




Feature Image Credit to: https://www.npr.org/2022/12/02/1140265413/rail-workers-biden-unions-freight-railroads-averted-strike 12-5-22


Photo 2 Credit to: nymag.com 12-5-22