Value of US Dollar Drops Drastically.


Reilly Forsyth, Writer

The US economy has been better before and has been a lot worse in the past. Currently the US dollar has an inflation rate of 4.3% per year. This inflation has had a massive affect of many crucial things such as food, water, bills, and especially on gas prices. According to, this inflation has not been this high ever sense 1991. Pricing for basic groceries has gone up by 5%. It’s estimated that this inflation is costing the average American an extra $175 per month.


According to Mr. Kraner, Inflation has been “Very frustrating.  Take gas prices as an example.  We use our vans and buses quite a bit to transport students and athletes and those costs have more than doubled over the last year or so.” A freshman also commented, “I think that the inflation is affecting the US economy. It’s affecting the people of our country in many different ways from gas prices, restaurants, grocery bills etc. People haven’t realized in this this country how low all those prices where until now. Everything goes up around you but your pay still stays the same. Once your pay stays the same you won’t have money left over in your savings for your bills, vacations, and other stuff you may need or want. Then the crime rate will go up because others will want to sell stuff for a higher prices to make more money so they can pay those bills.”Another freshman remarked, “I feel like if people want to stop inflation then they should stop inflating gallons.”


Inflation is a general increase of prices and falling of the value of money. According to, the families of the mountain west currently have the highest inflation rate in the United States. This economic issue has become a very frustrating part of spending money because while prices go up, your wage stays the same.