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Trinity Polk
On June 9, 2004, Trinity was born in Houston, Texas. Trinity has attended two schools. For six years, she attended Champions Christian Academy then she transitioned in the fifth grade to Northland Christian. Her favorite memory was in Pre-k, playing on the playground and running around with her friends.

At Northland, Trinity has been running Track and Cross Country for six years, and Soccer for four years. She also played the violin for four years. This school year, she plans to improve her writing in Journalism. Trinity's favorite memory at Northland was going to the Fall Festival.

In the future, Trinity plans to attend either UT in Austin, MSU, or Howard to study Broadcast Journalism and Communication. After college, Trinity wants to focus on her career and become an amazing News Anchor. Trinity also wants to volunteer, donate, and help the community as much as she can. In ten years, she sees herself traveling to countries she hasn't been before and wants advance in her career.

"You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination." -Roman Payne

Trinity Polk, Editor in Chief

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