NCS Valentines Day: A Day to be Remembered


Trinity Polk, Editor in Chief

This year, like always, Northland went all out for Valentines Day. It was even more special as it’s the Seniors last Valentines Day with the school and how cute the Elementary was to even be a part of it. They had all the usual gifts that people can order for someone: candy, pizza, singing/dancing telegrams, and cookies. And everyone, of course, also celebrated by bringing/buying gifts for friends.

As the Junior class is over Valentines Day every year, the day started with them handing out their gifts to all the Middle Schoolers in the gym. Everyone sat in the bleachers and came down one by one excited for their treats or ticket for some delicious pizza.

That same morning, they also passed out their candies and treats to the Elementary! As I visited one of the classes, the kids were smiling as the were doing Valentine’s Day activities and even treated their teacher with a bunch load of tasty chocolates!

And on this special day, there was a new event that was started by one of the Freshman, Secret Valentine. It’s where you sign up and pull a name, almost like secret Santa, and you buy that person a Valentine’s Day gift, like a card or chocolates, then give it to your person the day of Valentine’s during lunch. It was a cute little moment where people handed cute, meaningful cards or sweet gifts to everyone. For mine, one of my favorite Freshman gave me this heart-shaped box of chocolate which made me so happy.

One of the cutest things that happened on Valentine’s Day is the dancing telegram that they had this year from the cheerleaders, which everyone enjoyed watching. The girls danced to various different songs and caught everyone’s attention as they performed for the elementary, middle and high school.

However, as the day went by, my favorite part of Valentine’s Day finally arrived: Lunch. Every year, Northland serves heart-shaped pizza and it’s one of the most popular things everyone gets. Though it’s hard to cut through and separate, it was delicious and good like always.

Many students had mixed feelings overall about the day this year. Some felt left out, enjoyed the day, or just believed that it wasn’t one of the best years. Though it wasn’t the best Valentine Northland has had before, at the end of the day, it’s still one of the most popular holidays Northland has to offer. Like always, it’s a day that will truly be remembered.