Thriving with Trin: The school year begins and so does the risks

Covid and the Delta variant cases are now on the rise as the school year begins.


Since Covid hit, everyone’s lives across the world has changed drastically. And with school just returning, it’s going to be memorable not only because it’s my last year, but how we are all still recovering mentally and physically from this pandemic. As we try to slowly return back into our regular routines, there are many risks of starting the school year.

But one of the risks is going mask optional, I do believe that being mask optional is very risky. I do agree how we should all have the choice to wear a mask, they are truly annoying and unbearable.  However, with the new delta variant going around, plus the people who are still getting Covid while vaccinated, there is a huge possibility that we might go back into quarantine.

I interviewed Senior Ally Wiley for her opinion, “I feel like it’s a well rounded option for everyone, for those who don’t have underlined health conditions, and are vaccinated, and can walk around without their masks on. And then for those who still need it, it’s a good option to where they still feel free to protect themselves and the people they love.”

According to Infection Control Today, “As older age groups get vaccinated, those who are younger and unvaccinated will be at higher risk of getting COVID-19 with any variant,” says Yildirim. “But Delta seems to be impacting younger age groups more than previous variants.”

This makes the probability of cases rising a lot more at Northland since we share campus with the elementary. However, Northland does have it better compared to other schools as we are a smaller school. We don’t have to worry as much about social distancing and big classes.

Wiley also expressed how she believes the school will be safe since we are always separated, “I feel like because we are separated enough from them, it’s a little better, like my mom works over there and I never interact with her until the bell rings. So I never feel threaten by the little kids passing.”

Another huge risk is how Northland is also officially going back to all in person, which I one hundred percent love. The school year seems a lot less complicated with all the technology difficulties and all the work of scanning stuff in. It is so weird just to walk back into a classroom with everyone in it, no masks, no wiping stuff down, and social distancing as much like we use to. But we do have it better than public schools as some have started or haven’t but cases have already been on the rise. The school districts already have over 1,700 cases and the Houston, the biggest district, hasn’t even started.

ABC 13 reported the percentages of students that are currently COVID positive in these districts:

  • Aldine ISD – 67,000 (.03%)
  • Alief ISD – 42,000 (.1%)
  • Humble ISD – 45,000 (.4%)
  • New Caney ISD – 16,000 (.5%)
  • Sheldon ISD – 10,200 (.07%)
  • Spring ISD – 35,000 (.09%)
  • Spring Branch ISD- 35,000 (.2%)
  • Stafford ISD – 3,600 (.9%)
  • Conroe ISD- 65,000 (.5%)
  • Fort Bend ISD – 77,000(.5%)

According to ABC 13, “Health experts have expressed their concern about how contagious the delta variant is as students return to the classroom, which is leaving many parents frustrated with what they say is a lack of safe schooling options.

“I understand that it’s about freedom and choices, so let people make their own choices, right? But at least keep the safety first,” explained Neeraj Kumar, a Fort Bend ISD parent. “Give people the choice they want to make. Don’t put the health of the kids who are the future of this nation at risk.'”

But overall, with all this drama about being mask optional, Covid, Delta varient, no virtual learning, I just want to focus on the positives. It is Senior year and with all the craziness going around, I hope that cases die down so that everyone can just enjoy their last months of high school.