Thriving with Trin: Best Homecoming in Northland History


Trinity Polk, Editor in Chief

Homecoming overall was an absolute success, it shocked many students and faculty. As it is my last Homecoming, let me just say they did that. It was way better than any other Homecoming I’ve attended at Northland.

One of the many things that I enjoyed about the Homecoming was the many activities that were there for the students to play. There was ping pong, bean bag toss, a big version of connect 4, and a cute photo booth to take your own photos. It was all located in the cafeteria where I mostly spent my time when they played songs I didn’t like. It was fun to have other options then to just sit down at the tables.

Another thing was how they provided cookies and candy at our tables, it was so cute. Though I didn’t have the chance to eat the cookies, since I was dancing it out on the dance floor, I’ve heard that it was so good. I also like how they handed out ring pops which I have seen or had in YEARS.

Surprisingly, the whole gym was one of my favorite things about Homecoming. It really shocked me how they transformed it so nicely. I liked how the tables surrounded the gym and created a good size for a dance floor. Before, I was expecting a big empty space for everyone to dance around and everyone would eat in those long cafeteria tables.

However, the food didn’t hit my expectations (It never does at Homecoming.) I don’t remember much of the menu, but I know it had alfredo, potato crusted chicken, mash potatoes, green beans that had stuff sautéed on top, with fruit. Personally for me, I never liked alfredo, the potato crusted chicken had no flavor and the sauce didn’t help as much, the mash potatoes were salty, and I didn’t like the green beans. My favorite part of my plate was actually the fruit. But, they did save the day when they brought boxes of tacos from Taco Bell.

I wasn’t a big fan of the music choices also. There were too many people making song requests which the DJ listened to instead of following the playlist that was given, and the songs that were played wasn’t my favorite. But at the end of the night, when he stopped taking requests, the music was a lot better. And the DJ was amazing, he would just come out into the middle of the dance floor and just start dancing which made the experience better.

The class photos also weren’t my favorite. There wasn’t really any space to take a class photo so it was decided to be taken from a high angle on the balcony, and I found that pretty questionable but you have to work with what you have.

In the end, for it to be my first ever Homecoming at Northland, it was pretty spectacular. They knocked it out of the park and most definitely met my expectations. Though I’m sad that this is my last ever Homecoming here, I’m glad that we were all able to end it off in a bang.