Thrivin with Trin: The Last Story

As the end of the year comes around, sadness and happiness definitely fills the air. I’m sad but also grateful to say I’m officially done with high school and that this is my last story. After arriving here in the fifth grade, so many things happened at Northland that really impacted my life and I am glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of this school.

The one thing that I am truly grateful for during my time here is one hundred percent my friends. Though it was small, that was the best part of it all. My friends are like my family and had my back through thick and thin. I almost feel like I wouldn’t have survived high school or life without them there. They had such a huge impact on my life and as we graduate, I KNOW I would never lose contact with them ever! Looking back, I also made a lot of amazing friendships with students from other grades that I am so grateful that I got to know. Though I am also going to miss them, I always have the chance to see them back at Northland one day.

I will also miss my teachers, especially the ones that I had the opportunity to grow and have a relationship with. All the teachers at Northland have a special place in my heart, I never had a teacher that I absolutely did not like. You can tell the passion and love they have for all their students and I will always remember them because of their compassion.

I also experienced the ups and downs at Northland. I learned many lessons that helped me grow as a person, which I am grateful for. I had the bitter-sweet chance of running track and cross country. I was able to fall in love with the sport of soccer. I dealt with many losses, specifically powderpuff that I painfully don’t want to remember, the years of Orchestra I was a part of, prom, homecoming, and all the wonderful people that I met here.

For the future after high school, I am planning on going to college, specifically Hampton University. I am majoring and minoring in Broadcast Journalism and Communications. My plan is to be a Journalist and or News Anchor one day! I’m also thinking about doing real estate on the side.

Overall, my time here has been pretty interesting. Even though I had some opinions all throughout my years here, it’s sad to look back at all my past experiences and memories.

So far as the school year ends, the school is really packing a whole lot of stuff on us. We have so many papers to sign, things to turn in, and assignments to complete. Not to mention, I have to decorate my graduation cap in time and also get many outfits for the many events the school has planned. The week has been pretty packed. Once school ends for us Seniors, I have two luncheons to go to and graduation. And in the mist of it all, we also have the Senior Disney trip that I am so excited for! I’ve never been to Disney Land so this would be such an interesting experience but a great chance to hang out with friends for one last time.

It has been so amusing to write on The Claw for so long and having this opportunity. And it is also fun to write stories and have many people and students to be able to have the chance to view or read it. It’s been a journey on The Claw! I’ve been a part of this newspaper for four years and still wish I had more time to write. Though, I wish I could write more, spend a little more time in high school and with friends/family, this is the end. I am truly going to miss everything!

This is Editor in Chief, Trinity Polk, signing off!