What I’ve Been Thinking About with Darin Bowden

Benefits of Public Transportation in the City and Suburbs

What Ive Been Thinking About with Darin Bowden

Darin Bowden, Writer

One thing many people realized during the COVID-19 pandemic was the importance of leaving their house getting fresh air. Now that the virus isn’t as prevalent anymore and the world is starting to get back to normal certain steps could be taken to improve the infrastructure of cities so more people can move around a less congested city.

Although there are over three hundred major cities in the US, only forty one have a public transportation system, or a train and subway system. Public transportation is crucial to a large city because it simplifies roads as cars cause traffic congestion and a train wouldn’t have any traffic as there is one train or subway per track. The cost of public transportation could also be cheaper for people who struggle to afford an automobile as there are separate fees that have to be handled like insurance, maintenance, or fuel.

Mirielle Canovas says, “I like the idea of public transportation as it could save fuel and is more efficient, but I would still prefer to drive my car around.” However, another students says, “I think public transportation isn’t a good use of city funds because normally they tend to run down quickly and it just isn’t needed anymore.”

While some may think that public transportation is outdated or unnecessary this is far from the truth. Public ways of transportation benefit everyone. For example, the homeless population would be able to move around at a very cheap rate, which they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise as the cost of cars is very high. Also, for people who are old enough to travel around but not old enough to drive or they can’t afford a car this is a very knowledgeable solution.