The Devil Wears Prada: Memorable Costuming

No Spoilers

Darin Bowden, Writer

Few movies have had as successful costuming as the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada. Many have critiqued the show due to its lack of hand sewn costumes, but this is an outdated logic as it wouldn’t be realistic for the show’s time period. Miranda Priestly’s staff wouldn’t be wearing the latest Haute Couture, it is more likely they would wear pieces from department stores like Macy’s or Dillard’s. Therefore, it is crucial to wear clothing pieces that match the time period.

The most memorable scene from this film is when Andy, Miranda’s assistant walks across street and when passed by cars her outfits change. I am going to discuss the variety of outfits in this montage. One crucial thing to note is that Nigel has been dressing Andy up to this point with pieces from the Runway Magazine closet so the ensemble of designer pieces makes sense in this scene.

Leaving the house, Andy wears a green coat with leopard print on the sleeves and collar. This look set the scene for what is to come and it would be hard to beat. Something that is noticeable  would be the drastic variety of outfits, it is almost like Nigel is trying many styles out on Andy to see what she leans towards and what she tends to shy away from. Next, she wears a classic black coat with a red and yellow striped knit cap. This look is classic and understated, but doesn’t feel like something Andy would like as much as the green coat. A cream white coat with a black pant and white bag topped with a tweed cabbie hat makes the next appearance. This look is my favorite from this ensemble, but could be even better without the hat. However, the hat is reminiscent of the time period. Finally, a class black coat with strong shoulders over a white button up, and paired with red gloves closes out the montage. The black coat is a personal favorite and I love the length of it. The strong red of the gloves compliments the outfit well without overpowering it.

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