Tennis Player Is Affected From The Smokes From The Wildfires


In Australia, the professional tennis player, Dalia Jakupovic, went through a dramatic experience as she was competing during the first open round.

On Tuesday, she was forced to retire after she fell on her knees coughing as she begins to explain how she couldn’t breathe from all the wildfires going throughout Australia.

Jakupovic tells ESPN, “I was really scared that I would collapse. That’s why I went onto the floor because I couldn’t walk anymore.” After the scary moment, it resulted that Dalia Jakupovic had to retire. The air in Australia is so toxic, currently breathing the air would be similar to smoking 37 cigarettes. Jakupovic began to speak out after her experience to ESPN, “It’s not healthy for us. I was surprised. I thought we would not be playing today, but we don’t have much choice.”

Many tweets have been spreading around the web, wondering and asking why have we not united to stop this issue?