Thriving with Trin: The Stressful Life + The Corona Virus


Before the Corona Virus had arrived in the US, life was still stressful for my family. My father was recently diagnosed with throat cancer and ever since then, our normal routine has changed drastically, especially now with the Corona Virus in town.

Now that school is canceled, sorta happy about that, it has definitely made life easier for my parents. Now, they don’t have to worry about picking or dropping me off from school and rushing to get to a doctor’s appointment or chemo/radiation for my dad. I can simply just stay at home and do my work.

But with that also comes with some bad things, my mom and I constantly have to make sure that we can’t get sick because it can dramatically mess up my father’s health, especially now that he is weak and not at his greatest state. So it does put a lot of stress on us going outside the house, making sure my father is okay and have his mask, and trying to balance our schedules with sports and other outside activities.

But what put my mind at ease was when I read this comment made by someone, “The Corona Virus may be big but God is bigger.” Which is so true and that comment still rolls through my head every once in a while. Though I’m liking that I can finally stay home and do online school, hopefully, the virus will be gone soon so everyone’s life can go back in shape.