Why are Christmas movies so predictable?


Over the years, Christmas movies had found a way into my heart. Every time December rolled around, the amount of joy I would have to watch all the new movies for the season would be insane. I would record every single movie that appeared on my TV but after a while, I started to predict the overall plot of each movie before even watching it. Even though I found the predictability a negative thing, many people disagree.

After some research, many people consider predictable movies as “comfort food.”

Someone on the site Quora commented, “…Think of these as the movie version of “comfort food”. For some people, having something come out in a predictable way can be very reassuring and comforting.”

They continued to explain by saying that’s why many children love to hear the same story over again.

One channel that has the most predictable Christmas movies is the Hallmark Channel.

A person goes deeper into it by saying, “Hallmark holiday movies provide that comfort, while at the same time providing minor variation, so it’s not the same experience as watching the exact same movie over and over.”

From hearing from many sides, I definitely have a different point of view on this. Predicability surely doesn’t bring me comfort but it surely does bring boredom for me!

However, another person described the basic plot of every Hallmark Christmas movie that they have seen been released.

“The Hallmark Channel is well known for its highly formulaic movies. It has turned the Christmas themed movie in particular into its trademark. In every story there is an attractive white woman who is vaguely dissatisfied with her life, despite having a great career and unexplained wealth. She also happens to live in the big city, but finds the great variety of experiences available there unfulfilling. She decides to go back to her small hometown for a visit, and finds it exactly the way she remembers it: friendly neighbors, unhurried lifestyle, very white and middle class. She cute-meets a hunky man who just happens to be single, and the inevitable romance begins. By the end she has settled in her hometown, and is preparing to crank out babies with her new husband.”

Though their short summary of every Christmas movie that has been made is pretty accurate, it really does open my eyes to the some that are actually creative and overall original. I give a lot more credit to the people who has made unique Christmas movies.

The person added on saying how the channel likes,”predictability over novelty.”

After seeing most of people’s views, predictability is apparently popular during the holidays. Even though I disagree, I will still hope to see creative, original holiday movies that break through the basic Christmas standards that have been built.