Is Valentine’s Day Considered The Worst Holiday?


As many people have different opinions on what their favorite holiday is, multiple people have the special holiday such as Valentines Day. For many single people, this could be the most depressing month as everyone freaks about this day. But for every person in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is always a day to look forward to. However, there are many pros and cons when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

A pro point about Valentine’s Day is the happiness the couple can feel spending time with each other on a special holiday. They get to receive a special gift from their love one and have the possibility to spend the rest of the day with them going on a romantic date. However, there are more cons when it comes to this holiday.

A main con about Valentine’s Day is that everyday you should love your spouse or loved one. There shouldn’t be a certain day where you don’t shower them with love and gifts. Another con is mainly for all the single people out there. Traveling anywhere on Valentine’s Day just reminds you of how single you are and can make it boring and depressing. Another con is how there are barely any restaurants available or they’re all full because of all the dates that everyone couple or family has.

Remember what really matters all year around and not just on Valentine’s Day – Love. I hope you all enjoy this special Valentine’s Day!