The Day of Love


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Valentines Day is a day that allows you to express your strongest feelings for a special someone. It may consist of many different things to demonstrate how you feel. This could include flowers, candy, dinner and much more. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and it is by far necessary to do these things in order to have a chance with them. Valentines Day is a day to make your move.

Sometimes in life, telling someone how you feel is the hardest thing. Now a days there is so much technology that you have to worry about to do it in person or not. Where and when to do it is a tough decision as well. Valentines Day is a perfect time to do this. You can write that significant other a note of how you feel or come up with a creative way to tell them in person. If you know them well you can get them flowers or even a candy-gram. Maybe you are already dating them. Then you should take them out for dinner and celebrate y’alls relationship. If you are single like Justin Gilliland then it might be a chill day for you. “It was just a normal day. I went to school, went home, and went to sleep.” If you do have someone in mind though, then you might want to let that special person know how you feel.

On this day on the 14th in February always has a special place for many people. Every year you might be thinking about that special someone or have a memory that stays with you from this day. This could be the day that you find that one person you have been looking for. Regardless, Valentines Day is the day of revealing you love and emotion for someone.