Singles on Valentines Day

Singles on Valentines Day

Cameron Bailes, Editor

Valentine’s Day, the day when lovers express their love, affection, and feelings to each other through gifts and surprises. For some, this is the best time of the year being showered with gifts and love, for others this is the most disappointing and frustrating time of the year knowing that they are going single through Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is a day for all the lovers to show their affection towards each other throughout the days with gifts and chocolates.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, which turned out to be a Friday this year, was celebrated at Northland through Secret Admirer gifts. Though this is a time for couples to show love for each other, on the other hand, the singles people during the season of Valentine’s just watch others being gifted with candy, stuffed teddy bears and chocolates all throughout the day. Many people here at Northland deal with singleness through the years. I had a chance to ask Justin Gilliland what he feels like on Valentines Day and he said: “I enjoy it, I don’t have to spend any money on this fake holiday and don’t need to spend money for anyone.”

Valentine’s Day is just one day on February, February 14th, where people, mainly couples come to spoil one another with gifts and chocolates and flowers. This means that single people are in a rut with nothing coming there way on that day. Valentines is a day celebrated by couples or people who are crushing on one another and is a day full of surprises.


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