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Cameron Bailes
Cameron Bailes was born on October 5th, 2001, in Houston, Texas. He grew up with one older brother and two parents. His older brother is 21 years old and attends Dallas Baptist University. Cameron went to Lemm Elementary School and Schindewolf Intermediate School for middle school. His first year at Northland Christian was 9th grade. He has been playing football, basketball, and baseball for his whole life. He has also grown up in the church his whole life.

Cameron is a senior here at Northland Christian School and continues to play football, basketball, and baseball. Cameron won the state championship in baseball this past May. He plans to graduate this May. He is currently playing football for the Cougars and is planning his future and looking forward to spending time with family and playing sports.

In the future, he plans on going to college and majoring in Business-Marketing. He will also plan on attaining a 4-year Bachelors Degree. He wants to get a job while in college and help pay for college to help his parents pay. He will go to college and hope to enjoy college and make new friends and enjoy it while it lasts.

Cameron Bailes, Editor

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