A New Era for Northland Football

A New Era for Northland Football

Cameron Bailes, Editor

The Northland Christian Cougars have had some major changes on the football team. The football team has acquired six new football coaches, the only remaining coach from the 2016 State Champions is coach Monny Webster. The team has a lot of hype around them coming up for this season and see how much we can improve from last year. The Cougar football family can’t wait to see what this season has in store.

The Northland Christian football team has got six new coaches, coming from everywhere and we can’t wait to see how well they will help with the team. The players are committed to the coaching staff and are all in for what we have planned for this year. After following a mediocre season last year and settling for just average, the Cougars look to go above and beyond the expectations that many people have set for us and we look to prove all the doubters wrong this year. With the new addition of Coach Eric Allen, the new strength coach, and wide receiver and defensive back coach. When asked about the new season and what’s in store for us Senior receiver and defensive back, Brady Kraner said, “I think we are out to prove something this year, with the addition to all of the new coaches, I think we can do something special this year.” The entire Cougar family can’t wait to see what they can do this year.

The first regular-season game of the year is at Galveston O’Connell, and they look to go 1-0 on the season. With the help of new additions to the team and new coaches, we are set out to prove a point and we see this game as a “statement game”. We are going out there to prove that we can hang with a lot of teams and we are capable of doing great things this year. Some people think that we are going to be just an average, mediocre team but we are going to prove a point of Friday that we are the team to beat this year.

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