The Life of Marshall Ingram


Cameron Bailes, Editor

 The life of the crazy, Editor-in-Chief, Marshall Ingram is full of imagination and hopes of doing something great in the world. Marshall is a senior, two-sport athlete, and excels in school. He is a great character and is also a great student-athlete. He plays football and baseball and likes to imagine what he could do and what his favorite things are when asked some questions.

Marshall is a man of many memories and fun actions and thoughts. If Marshall were to be a four-legged creature, he would choose to be a dog, because he likes dogs. The last movie that Marshall watched was, A star is born, and when asked what he thought about the movie he said that it was very sad because the main character in the movie, Jackson Maine, died in the movie. If the world was ending soon, he said he would live it up, in other words, “live his best life”. His favorite feature of the face is the tear duct because it shows true emotion. If Marshall was to win the Lottery, he said he would buy a Ferrari, and when asked why he said: “because I want to go fast.” Marshall, in fact, chose that if he was one age for the rest of his life he would choose 21 because he would be able to do anything that he wanted. Marshall is a big nature guy, when asked what 2 beautiful things that are in Nature he said, the green trees are amazing, and also a superior animal devouring it’s subordinate. His least favorite mode of transportation is a red wagon because it is too slow for his liking and he wants to go fast. If Marshall could witness any event, past or present, he would choose the Moon Landing, he would want to see if Neil Armstrong lied about ever getting on the moon. Marshall would love to learn how to score a perfect ACT score because it would give him more money for college.

Marshall Ingram is a fun guy who cares about others and he is a fun character with lots of jokes. He also has big dreams that he wants to fulfill and he wants to do great things in the world. He can’t wait to get through this senior year here at Northland Christian and move onto the bigger better things in life.

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