Northland’s First Art Car Takes the Leading Prize!

Darin Bowden, Writer

This year Northland took part in an art car parade in an art car created by the middle school and high school art and yearbook students. The process was lengthy, taking all year. But it was very worth it as Mrs Lopez and her students took home an award for the golden car.

Starting at the beginning of the year, a voting process took place that included art car designs each designed by a middle school art students. Mrs Lopez chose the best and did a school wide vote and a seventh grade student named Precious had the winning design and it was called the “Cougar Cab.”

When talking to the students who worked on the car they mentioned that their favorite part of working on the car was seeing the final product, getting to display it at the art car parade, and seeing all of their hard work pay off when receiving the award and getting to show it off.

Over the course of the year cans of spray paint, stickers, stuffed animals, faux fur seat covers, hand made stencils, sharpies, and wood were all used to add funkiness to the car. When the day came for the parade everyone was very excited and Mrs Lopez specifically mentioned how supportive all the staff and students were at the parade for the art program. She hopes to be able to continue this tradition at Northland and add on the art car very year to get even more prizes and awards.