Chris Paul’s Setback

Cameron Bailes, Writer

Chris Paul has had some minor setbacks the past few years, one coming in the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors who later on went on to win the Finals. This year Chris Paul had a hamstring injury which he sustained in November, and then came back and got hurt again in December. Chris Paul has only played 28 games this entire season and the season is almost halfway over. In these 28 games, Chris Paul has averaged 15.3 points per game, 8.o assists per game and 4.8 rebounds per game. It is shown in these stats that Chris Paul really does have an effect on the Rockets team by the numbers he is putting up.

It really does help the Rockets team to have an All-Star in James Harden who is the leagues leading scorer averaging 36.3 points per game and has had 22 games in a row in which he scored over 35 points. When looking at the stats it helps James Harden out to have Chris Paul in the game because Chris is averaging 8.0 assists per game and is a real playmaker for the Rockets. When asked about Chris Paul, Brady Kraner says, “It really does help to have him playing because of the way he plays and his passion for the game. He is a great player who fits well with the Rockets roster and with James Harden”.

The Rockets are currently 6th in the Western Conference with a 29-21 and 6.5 games back from the 1st seed in the West. The Chris Paul Effect is that the Rockets have gone 5-5 without him this year so it is true that he plays a big role on the team, even though James Harden has gone crazy since Chris’ injury. Chris Paul is currently in his 13th season in the NBA and hopes of looking for more season to come.

Sources: Brady Kraner

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