Looking at the Past


Cameron Bailes, Editor

The past four years of High School have sure been a wild four years and I would’ve never seen myself graduating from a private Christian school, but four years later here I am graduating from Northland. My four years have been filled with friends and memories that I will hold onto for a lifetime. Through for years there has been some high points and low points and a high school ride filled with emotion. Two State Championships, one in football, and one in baseball, two years of journalism and choir, and many more things.

My spiritual and church life has been amazing through my high school years as I went on mission trips to New Orleans, Colorado, and New York. These three mission trips were probably the best weeks of my life because it has made me realize that there is so much more to life than social media and keeping the same friends. These trips give me an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and ultimately gave me memories of a lifetime. It has made me realize that I am always on Gods mission to further his kingdom and learn more and grow closer with God throughout teaching his word to others.

My 4 years of athletics has been so fun and made me realize that sports will be temporary, but the friendships you make during it will be friendships of a lifetime. Through freshman year, winning the state championship in football, and then junior year winning the state championship in baseball. Baseball, Football, and Basketball have taught me patience and discipline through the good, bad, and the ugly.

These Four years have taught me how important family is. You never know when God has different plans for your life so I never took my family for granted. they have taught me so much through the years and have guided me down the path that they know would be the best for me.


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