The beginning of a New League

Cameron Bailes, Writer

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) is a new developing league in which it helps the NFL players with skills and staying in shape during the offseason, or it also has new developing talent who have played in the NFL and got cut, or players who never got drafted looking for a comeback in someway. The AAF currently have 8 teams scattered all around the country with NFL talent coming from everywhere and even athletes who no one has even heard of making big plays. The AAF is something that many people have been waiting to see, as they have no football to watch because it is the offseason.

The AAF’s mission is to provide “high-quality professional football fueled by a dynamic Alliance between players, fans and the game.” This means that many people have to look out for the up-incoming players coming for NFL roster spots. The new league means new players and even more new talent never heard of and it also helps players develop in skill and awareness while playing in a live game. When asked about the AAF, Junior Peyton Fennelly, “The AAF is a cool league but honestly I have no idea how its going to work out”.

This league is full of talent but it is also full of incomplete athletes who are looking for somewhere to fully develop.

Source: Peyton Fennelly

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