Cam’s Corner

My broken leg and ultimately the road to recovery over this time of panic in the nation.


Cameron Bailes, Editor

On February 22nd, against Cristo Rey Jesuit, was the most disappointing and most emotional day for me in a long time as my athletic career came to an abrupt halt in the 3rd inning. I had just bunted to get on base to lead off the inning, and you know me that bunt was perfect. So far this year I had a batting average of over .600 and multiple walks and stolen bases. I was about to get my second stolen base of a game then as I slid into second base, SNAP!

As I was rolling on the ground grimacing in pain, all I was thinking about was how my season had come to an end and that I most likely wouldn’t play any sports again. The Northland Baseball team showed endless amounts of love towards me as they knew I was going to be upset, and they have shown that through the thick and thin they will always be my brothers forever.

Later that day, in the Sugar Land Memorial Hermann emergency room, I had come to a realization that my favorite thing to do, which was to play sports and eventually play in college, had come to an end. The tears kept flowing as the pain levels increased throughout the time I was there with my parents by my side. My teammates, Marshall and Peyton, had come to the Emergency Room after the game in which they won 6-5. They showed love towards me and my family and they had come to drop off my shoes and check in on me. On this day I had found out that I broke my Fibula and fractured my tibia.

I had to wait over a week to get my surgery because of a water pipe that had busted the day before my surgery. Our Head Baseball coach, Rick Nixon, was the surgeon who did my surgery and I knew I was in good hands. It has taken a while to recover in this time of panic in the nation but I had slowly started to learn how to walk again and I couldn’t be happier of my progression.

I just would want to thank the doctors who have helped me and my teammates for being here for me. Ultimately, I thank my parents for being here every step of the way on this long road to recovery and all the love that they have expressed throughout this hard time.

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