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The NFL draft is a very big part off the season because it gives a look of who will be on their favorite team

Cameron Bailes, Writer

The NFL Draft is something that all NFL fans watch because they want to see who their favorite team will pick. The Draft is the most anticipated part of going into a new season because fans want to know who will be on their favorite team. Most people sit in front of a TV and wait till their team has a pick or to see who is picked first round and they won’t watch the rest of the draft. Many people also watch the draft just to see who’s bandwagon train they can hop on.

The first round of this years draft was a very interesting first round because of how many linemen were taken so early and that Kyler Murray was the first overall pick of the draft, despite his height. As for the linemen, 17 of the 32 first round picks were linemen, both offense and defensive linemen. Surprisingly only 3 quarterbacks were taken in the first round which was very odd, considering this years first round. Many people speculate the ability that Kyler Murray will have in the NFL with better athletes and linemen who will crush him because of his height. When asked about this years draft, senior Cameron Fore said, “This draft had so much hype for the young talent going into the league, and I can’t wait to see what they can do in the NFL.”

Overall this draft was a good one with a lot of talent circling around the league and hype waiting to see what Number 1 overall pick, Kyler Murray, can do and what he will be able to accomplish. The rest of the draft was focused all on DK Metcalf and what he will be able to do in the league after the hype that he had and getting drafted in the second round. We can’t wait to see what this years draft class has in store for the league and hopefully, they can survive the hype.

Source: Cameron Fore

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