New Year, New Me

Cameron Bailes, Writer

Image result for 2019For this New years I have many opportunities for responsibilities and for athletics. I hope for many wins and to go to the playoffs and help the team make the playoffs again. I hope to put in as much work as I can for each sport and hopefully make it to the playoffs in baseball too. I plan be better in school and focus more on my schoolwork and not so much in everything else.

A resolution that I had was to not be on my phone for so long throughout the day. My phone has been able to pull me away from some people, no matter if it was for a good reason or a bad.

Many people have said the same thing that one of their resolutions was to “Stay off my phone and try to focus more on things around me.” I look forward and try to focus on school and sports as much as possible and not really focus on my phone, even though it is really hard to do that.

Sometimes New Years Resolutions don’t really have an affect on people, but people set them to just make themselves feel good and saying “New Year, New Me”, but whenever you can’t stick to a resolution, it is very hard to say you’re doing it but in reality you’re not.

People think that it is a good thing to follow resolutions but it can also separate you from friends, depending on what the resolutions was. I look to have a great 2019 with many memories and new friendships!

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