Duke Basketball

Duke’s stellar team this year

Cameron Bailes, Writer

The Duke mens Basketball team has always had a very good team, but this year is nothing other than great. The team had the top recruits to sign in 2018 in Zion Williamson, Cam Reddish, Trae Jones and RJ Barrett.

Dukes team record as of now is 9-1 record and is the 2nd ranked team in the nation, only losing to Gonzaga in a tournament. Duke has many top recruits on their team and the team is only going to get better.

Sophomore basketball player, Brady Kraner says “Duke is having so much success because of their young players. Zion, RJ, Reddish and Jones will lead the team deep in the March Madness Tournament. This team has not even came close to their full potential. They are an extremely fun team to watch because of their high energy level.” Expect an extremely fun rest of the season from here on out and they are looking forward to a National Championship. 

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