Northland Christian Basketball season

Cameron Bailes, Writer

The Northland Christian Basketball team is an interesting group because the tallest player on the team is 6’4 and the team is very small.

Knowing that the team is very small we have to play with a lot of heart, energy and teamwork to beat schools and teams that are bigger than us. We have played multiple public schools 3 times bigger than our school, and we have been able to hold our own against them because of the heart that we play with. The basketball team has also been able to come together as one team and great teamwork to win.

The coaches always talk about how important is saying defense wins championships and the way that we play defense it is hard for other teams to play with our pace and hustle that we play with.

Sophomore guard, Brady Kraner, says “It is hard to win games with a small team like us, but we have found a way to do it and were not slowing down now”. The only troubles that our team faces is the ability to rebound against bigger teams and we have to grind for what we can get.

Our team is in a district with Woodlands Christian, Lutheran North and Katy Faith West in which we will play every team in our district 3 times and only 2 teams can make it to the playoffs so we will have to grind to get our own. 

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