The Tough Life of a Student Athlete


Cameron Bailes, Writer

In school teachers do not realize that some students are more active in extracurricular activities than others. They don’t understand that we’re at the school till 6:30 pm almost everyday after school and then some days when we have games or scrimmages we don’t get home till about 10:00 pm and then we’re too tired to do anything, especially homework. Sometimes teachers expect us to have our homework ready the day after but whenever student athletes say they didn’t have time to do it because of the sports they play, they don’t understand that we actually don’t have time to finish all of our homework that all of our teachers assign because they also need rest to maintain in good shape.

Students in other areas also have many agreements with this topic because they also face the same struggle that we do. Some of the students say that it’s hard to manage school, multiple sports, and trying to maintain all the homework in the little amount of time. Most of the students also have a job so they try to juggle between sports, work, and homework and they just can’t do it because they worry about school the most to try to get into the college they want to but they also want to focus on sports and can’t juggle the activities and school. Some also say they often fall asleep before doing their homework, and then wake up in the morning realizing they had homework and they ended up not doing it.

Even parents are weighing in on this subject because they see their student athlete trying to maintain their school work but they end up falling behind because of sports or things out of school. Parents are saying that it is a struggle to watch their kids balance homework, and sports but also that their sleep is being neglected. They say that they want see their kids excel in both but they often see them falling behind because they want to do good in both but also they want to sleep but often times they stay up doing homework that they don’t get to rest and that area in their life is being neglected.


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