NBA, College Football

Cameron Bailes, Writer

This year has been crazy in sports, all the trades that have been going on during the offseason and during the season in the NBA. As well as all of the upsets, blowouts in college football. So many things have been going on during these seasons, and a notable trade that has just happened not too long ago is the Jimmy Butler trade from the Timberwolves to the 76ers. When asked what he thinks about both, Junior Peyton Fennelly says “I think the 76ers ultimately won the trade because the Timberwolves got two role players and the 76ers got an all-star so I think the 76ers did a good job and the Timberwolves did not.” Then when asked about the College Football season he said “No one in College Football can compete with Alabama, Roll Tide.” This season in sports will be a crazy season, and one to remember.

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