NBA Trades, College Football

Cameron Bailes, Writer

Somethings that a lot of my friends and I have been talking about is NBA trades. As most people know this was a really big offseason for the NBA, which included many trades, but the biggest ones were Lebron James going to the Los Angeles Lakers and Demarcus Cousins leaving the New Orleans Pelicans and going to the already stacked Golden State Warriors. The Demarcus Cousins trade really caused some controversy this offseason because him and Anthony Davis were really good friends, in fact Anthony Davis wore Demarcus Cousins’ jersey during the all star game because he was injured and couldn’t play. Fellow student athlete Justing Gilliland said that this trade was awful and said “I think it is bad and a bad trade for the NBA” and Lebron to the Lakers and he said “I think it will be interesting and he will have a heavy workload, more than he had in Cleveland because there is a lot of young talent on that team”. When asked about college football, his favorite team is the Texas Longhorns, and he said “Texas football is back” as they are now ranked number 19 in the nation. While college football has been going on, many teams still are undefeated, many teams have been upset by non powerhouses in college football. Meanwhile the top 5 teams in the nation are still looking strong and want more, as their schedules get tougher and the competition is harder that means that there’s going to be more and more upsets.

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