Houston Astros Baseball Season


Cameron Bailes, Editor

The Houston Astros, the hometown team, has had many ups and downs this season. We are currently the best team in the AL West with a 90-50 record, nine games ahead of the Athletics who are in second place in the division. The Astros have the third-best record in baseball, only behind the Yankees and the Dodgers. With many injuries during this past year, the Astros are trying to go into the playoffs with everyone healthy and ready to go.

The Houston Astros have a super-strong pitching rotation with Justin Verlander, coming off the 3rd no-hitter of his career and having a 17-5 record, Gerrit Cole having one of the best records as a pitcher going 15-5 this season and looking to dominate the rest of the season. Zack Greinke has a hot 14-5 record and looks to keep going. Wade Miley has the quickest pitch-to-pitch time in the league and also has a 13-4 record. When asked about the Astros pitching rotation, Peyton Fennelly said, “Total domination, the playoffs are ours, and if we lose, it will be total devastation to the city of Houston.”

On the other hand, the Houston Astros have one of the best batting lineups in the MLB. With the top of the Lineup being George Springer and Jose Altuvé, with Alex Bregman and Yuli Gurriel to follow them. The remainder of the lineup is just as good as the beginning of the lineup and provide a spark for the top of the lineup to follow them. The Astros have a team batting average of .274 and have hit 234 home runs and the season isn’t even over yet. The Astros are looking to finish off the year strong and make a push deep in the playoffs this year.

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