Impact of Coronavirus

Impact of Coronavirus

Cameron Bailes, Editor

The impact of the Coronavirus has had a big impact on not just my life but everyone around me. Some people have not been able to leave their house since the very beginning of the “quarantine”. A lot of people have been freaking out about this, buying a ton of toilet paper, which made no sense, and stocking up on supplies as they knew they would be stuck at home for a while.

The impact on some peoples’ lives has been tremendous because through all of this, they still can’t do anything about what the Governor has to say. The impact of this disease is that it has basic symptoms, flu-like or cold-like symptoms so you wouldn’t know if you had it unless you went to get tested. The testing lines have expanded to going outside to test in parking garages or the facilities not having enough equipment or many testing stations.

The Coronavirus has been an unforeseen obstacle through this year. The year 2020 was packed with bad things and this just tops off things like World War III threats, Kobe’s death, and now these murder hornets. This year is not even half way done and it feels like it’s been an eternity through all of this.

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