Opinions with Cam

Are the school uniforms really necessary for us.

Opinions with Cam

Cameron Bailes, Editor

Here at Northland Christian School the students have to wear a uniform everyday, except for Friday, which we get to wear a Northland shirt and either jeans or khaki shorts. School uniforms are something that many private schools have to wear, but I believe that schools should get rid of the uniforms and let students wear whatever they want. I think that school unifroms are something that students don’t want and they shouldn’t be enforced to wear them.

I believe that school uniforms are something that keeps the school as one by wearing the logo and the name on the shirt, but I believe kids should have the freedom to wear what they want, but the school enforcing a dress code on the students. Many people want to wear their own clothes, not a Northland polo with Northland khaki shorts or pants. I understand that there are many pros to this, but there is also many cons to come along with this such as, the cost is too much for the uniform, or it doesn’t allow the student to express their individuality and it doesn’t let the student express there self-expression. I believe that we should be allowed to wear what we want, while following the dress code because students like to wear what they have, instead of being forced to wear something that they don’t want to. I think people focus on the pros of this situation like the school being unified by uniform, or better behavior by getting punished if they don’t have the uniform on, or it causes less distractions from students. When asked about the Uniforms and how he feels about them, Justin Gilliland said, “I think students should wear like casual clothes that they wear on the weekends, but after a while you get used to the uniform.”

I believe that many students will agree with what Justin had to say, but some people may have different opinions whether its leaning to school uniforms or away from school uniforms. In my opinion many people would like to wear just casual clothes but also some people enjoy wearing school uniforms just because it’s less stress on choosing what to wear. I think that many schools should allow students to wear casual or athletic clothes for the students comfort and that will help them to focus more on schoolwork then focusing on the school uniform.

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