NCS Football Injuries

Cameron Bailes, Editor

The Northland Football team has had a lot of hype going into the season with the additions of new players and coaches. Unfortunately, the injury bug has hit the Northland Christian football team and currently has 9 out of the 35 players hurt and the district games are just around the corner. The Cougars look to bounce back quickly and be, for the most part, healthy and look to make a run for the playoffs.

Northland Football was hoping to make a stand and stick out from the teams that the Cougars have had these past two seasons, and look to be the best in the district this year. With high hopes for the team coming into the year, the Cougars have had some minor setbacks for key players and hope that it isn’t a major injury. With the help of new players, and other people having to step up, the Cougars look to take every game just one game at a time and take it slow and steady. The offense used to be a spread, pass fist, type team, now it has become more running plays. When asked about the changes in the new plays, Senior Justin Gilliland said, “I think we’re just going to have to adapt to the circumstances and be able to play with what we got.”

The Cougars are having some trouble with getting back key players on the field but look to it as an opportunity for younger players to get more reps and be able to fill the shoes of the players that are injured. Every player on the team plays a special role, no matter win or lose they are a player on the team. The Players are staying positive and believe they can still make a run in the playoffs.


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