Best and Worst Music Artists of 2019


Cameron Bailes, Editor

The Year of 2019 was full of new artists on the rise and in the spotlight, taking it away from the old artists. Some artists came out of nowhere, some were popular before the year started and some have been famous for some time now. We’ve seen artists go up and down the charts with new albums, singles, and mixtapes in 2019. This year, whether it was a country, pop or rap, the music has been off the charts and there have been all types of new music.

In 2019, many old music singers and rappers stepped back up on the scene as favorites in many people’s minds. People often believe that once you start to get old as a music artist, their musical talent sort of diminishes and they start to fall off. The artist who popped up on the scene and who is now number one on the Billboard Artist 100 is Billie Eilish, the 17-year-old pop singer who stepped up onto this music scene late last year, early this year. It is hard to compare the rappers and singers together because everyone has their own beliefs and their own taste in music. When asked about who his favorite artist of the year was, Marshall Ingram said, “I like Parker McCollum a lot.” When asked about who his favorite artist of 2019 was, Brady Kraner said, “Probably Luke Combs, I listened to his song Beautiful Crazy 124 times this year according to Apple Replay.”

As you can imagine there are a lot of artists out there but many people have different tastes in music and many like more than one genre of music. Many people in the state of Texas enjoy listening to country music, and many like listening to rap, most people are able to listen to both. There have been many new artists and old artists who are coming out with albums and no one knows when they will stop.

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