NFL Football is in Full Affect


Cameron Bailes, Editor

The NFL season is underway and is in full swing with many teams already have played four games. The NFL is both fun to watch, and fun to be around like tailgates or friends watch parties. Football brings friends together or it can make frenemies with other people. Football is something that gets the people going, it makes people argue about stats, or argue about the better team but it’s all just for the love of the game. Many people think that football is just something to watch, but for some, it’s a lifestyle.

With the NFL in the full swing of things, many people are arguing, “Who’s the best team” or, “Who’s gonna win on Sunday.” Some people don’t understand the importance of the NFL to a community or the tight-knit group it creates. In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, it brought the team and the community closer with one another. In 2018 when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, it took the whole community to help one another with everything that was needed in the area. When asked about the NFL Season, Senior Peyton Fennelly said, “I just love to see teams play each other, it shows how much passion the players and fans have for the game.”

This comes to show that it’s not just the players who love the game, but it’s the fans who make football great. Many fans go above and beyond with tailgating or partying and they sometimes go a bit overboard but that’s just showing the love for the game. With the NFL starting and everyone seeing what talents teams bring to the table, know we just wait for the Super Bowl.

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