Yankees Fans are the Worst in Baseball

Yankees Fans are the Worst in Baseball

Cameron Bailes, Editor

In the MLB right now the Houston Astros are facing the New York Yankees and are currently up 3-1 in the series. Throughout this series, there have been many claims of Yankees fans being disrespectful to opposing players on the Astros. The Yankees have been saying things that fans just shouldn’t say because they don’t live the life that these athletes live.

It has been claimed that Yankees fans have said disrespectful things, talking about the Astros players’ family and saying things that they just shouldn’t say. The Yankees have also been throwing trash, water bottles and beer bottles, and also souvenir baseballs that are sold at the stadium. Many people say that Yankees fans are the worst fans in baseball because of the unexplainable things they have done or said. Josh Reddick’s response to the Yankees fans is, “It’s definitely disrespectful, and at the same time, very unsafe.’’ The fans have also brought up the fact that Astros pitcher in game 4, Zack Greinke, suffers from anxiety and depression, and one of the fans saying these things got kicked out of the game. Greinke proceeded to have five strikeouts and only gave up one earned run through 4 1/3 innings pitched. When asked about the Yankees fans and their antics, Peyton Fennelly said, “Yankees fans are the worst fans in baseball and they are so disrespectful to opposing teams.”

Many players and coaches in the Astros Organization bashed the Yankees Organization and fans because of the actions that they have done to the Astros. The Yankees claimed that the Astros were using whistles and claimed that they stole the signs from the Yankees. Fans in game four had brought their own whistles to the game and were whistling the whole game while the Astros were batting. This didn’t affect the Astros as they proceeded to drop 8 runs on the Yankees with 2, three-run home runs by Carlos Correa and George Springer. Game Five is Friday night in New York and the Astros are looking to win the Series tonight that will send them to the World Series.

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