Valentines at Northland is Crazy

Cameron Bailes, Writer

Around Valentines day, which is the 14th, we start selling our Valentines day stuff at the beginning of February so everyone can get something for someone. Valentines is special to some people, but to others it is just another day at school or a day they feel like they don’t have to worry about. Some people take Valentines very seriously and go all out for their bae’s.

At Northland, Valentines means special gifts, candy, heart shaped pizzas, balloons, and people to sing for you. Some people go over the top and get everything for someone special, if you know what I mean. Senior, Landon Murray says, “Valentines is a great way show affection towards someone and gifts are the best way to do it”. Each thing is not very expensive, but some things are more expensive than others, the heart shaped pizza being the most expensive at $12. The Plush puppy is $10, Singing Telegram and Plush Sloth are both $5 and last the Roses, Balloons and Nerds Candy coming in at $3 each.

Valentines is a special day to express how you feel about someone, or how you want someone to know how you feel. So if you are on the edge of getting something for someone, I strongly advise it because someone might not know how you feel about them unless you show them through Valentines gifts.

Source: Landon Murray



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