The Saints are Super Bowl Favorites

The Saints are Super Bowl Favorites

Cameron Bailes, Editor

The New Orleans Saints are on a roll as of late, rolling with a 10-2 record closing in on the back end of the season. The Saints are one of the most convincing teams in the NFL with ten wins and not looking back. The debate about whether the best teams in the NFL are between the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints for who the best team actually is.

To put this into perspective, the New Orleans Saints are scoring an average of 24.8 points per game which is one of the best offenses in the league and possibly the most versatile team in the NFL. With the help on offense with the “Swiss Army Knife” Taysom Hill, who can do just about anything that the coaches ask him to do, the offense doing what they do best which is scoring, and the defense having one of the top pass-rushing defense in the league, we could be and most definitely are the most dominant team in the league. With help on the offensive side of the ball with Alvin Kamara, Drew Brees, and Michael Thomas there is no possible team that could stop the Saints. On the defensive side of the ball with Cameron Jordan, Demario Davis, and Marshon Lattimore offensives shouldn’t even be able to get any yards. The New Orleans Saints have had an amazing season so far and deserve to not just be the top seed in the NFC, but be the top seed in the whole NFL. I had a chance to talk to Dion Grisnold about how the Saints have been so far and he said, “They could do better but I think they’ll figure it out before the playoffs.”

Many people don’t understand the pain that Saints fans have had to go through such as No Pass-Interference calls in an NFC Championship, or having your starting quarterback get hurt in the second week of the regular season, or even going through one of the most destructive Hurricanes right before the season started and have to be a shelter for more than 15,000 people. The Saints fan base is the best fanbase in the NFL because of the loyalty and big trust they have in the team.


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