An Exciting College Basketball Season

Cameron Bailes, Writer

College Basketball is one of the hottest sports as of right now because of all the young talents and top 5 powerhouses going at each other. Many people prefer to watch college basketball because some people believe that it is more exciting than professional basketball. Many teams were upset in the beginning of the year but have bounced back and are making a run back into the top 10. It’s almost time for March Madness so teams will need to step up to get a good ranking in the tournament.

The top 3 teams in the nation are about 1 game apart from each other with Tennessee, Duke and Gonzaga but no team is safe from a loss. Tennessee is the hottest team in basketball right now as the number 1 seed in the nation and currently on a 19 game win streak and there’s no telling who can stop this team. Duke is in a close race with them as well with only 2 losses and the 2nd seed in the nation. Duke has had very high expectations coming in this year with possibly the 2 best players in the nation in RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson. In the 3 seed is Gonzaga, who are currently on a 15 game win streak but the 2 losses that they’ve had is the only reason why the are in 3rd and not 2nd. When asked about the College Basketball season, Junior Justin Gilliland said, “This season has been very interesting and very exciting to watch because of how good and athletic some teams have gotten.”

This season has been crazy in so many ways with multiple upsets, teams from last year who are not doing as good as they should and teams just completely falling off the Final Four radar. Teams should be looking out for any other team, because no one is safe in tournament and every team that gets in the tournament is there for a reason, and that reason is to win it all.

Source: Justin Gilliland


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