The Brady Kraner


Cameron Bailes, Editor

Brady Kraner, a man amongst men, is a senior here at Northland Christian School. Brady Kraner has attended Northland since he was fresh out of the womb. Brady plays Football and Baseball, with a little bit of Basketball his sophomore and junior year. Brady is involved in student council and various jobs around the school such as Cougar Camp during the summer and helps out in his mom’s class sometimes during the year. I have asked Brady, who is also sometimes called BK, a few questions, let’s see how he responded.

I asked Brady a couple of questions about how his senior year was going, let’s take a closer look into what he has said. I had asked him if he could change anything about this year, what would it be, and he said: “If I could change one thing, it would be go back and tackle the dude without using my head.” If y’all didn’t know, BK, who was one of the best football players on the team, was out for most of the season with a major concussion. I also asked Brady how his year has been so far, and he said, “This year has not gone as I thought it would.  I love competing and a head injury earlier this year that sidelined me from the sports I love.” Brady has been through it all this year, but he keeps fighting his way through and keeps a positive attitude even through struggles and trials.

BK has been through a lot this year but he has always gotten rewarded for his positiveness and energy throughout this year. I asked Brady what his favorite memory has been so far this year, and he said, “My favorite memory this year has been getting an award at the football banquet.” This award is now known as the “Brady Kraner Award” which shows perseverance through the tough times in life which Brady clearly did. I also asked Brady one more question, I asked him what he looks forward to this year and he said, “I am looking forward to the trip to Disney. It will be a great way to end the school year.” I think every senior is ready to get out of school and go to Disney.

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