Cams Opinions

Cams Opinions

Cameron Bailes, Editor

The Emergency Room, also known as the ER, is the department of a hospital that provides immediate treatment for acute illnesses and trauma. My experience at the Sugar Land Memorial Hermann was not a very fun one. The Emergency Room is a place full of sick, disabled and injured people. The nurses and doctors were very polite and respectful but the ER is just a place where you do not want to be.

The Emergency Room is somewhere that not many people want to be because it is a place full of sadness and hurt. The Sugar Land Memorial Hermann did a very good job of getting me back and getting me an x-ray within an hour and a half. The people there were in a hurry to get help and the Memorial Hermann staff did a great job to get the people back and getting treated by nurses and doctors. This experience was one of the best experiences at a hospital or doctor’s office because I was treated kindly and with respect from doctors and nurses while being treated for my broken fibula and fractured tibia. Even though the trip to the Emergency Room is never fun and being there is never fun, the nurses find a way to make it seem much easier than any other person because they were calm and caring even with everything going on around.

The Sugar Land Memorial Hermann was the best Memorial Hermann that I have been to and possibly the best Hospital and Emergency Room that I have been to because of the staff there. This experience from this particular Hospital was a good experience and this Hospital was one good Hospital. If I had to say, this was the best Hospital that I have been to in a long time.

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