Thriving with Trin: How I can relate to Dash in Netflix’s film, Dash & Lily


After watching Netflix’s new Christmas film, Dash & Lily, I have never related to a character in my life.

If you haven’t watched the movie, according to Seventeen Magazine, “Dash is a fairly like rich and cynical kind of guy who doesn’t like Christmas. It’s a good contrast to Lily’s character who does. His family seems to have abandoned him on Christmas and he is looking for a connection.”

Throughout the movie, Dash explains how he is not a fan of Christmas by saying, “It’s the most detestable time of the year: the forced cheer and the frenzied crowds.” Now, I don’t have an intense dislike for Christmas, unlike Dash, I am not overly excited like many others are.

During December, I don’t have that burst of energy/spirit or the desire to blast Christmas music, which I am not a fan of.

It just feels like every other day and month, unfortunately.

So I can see eye to eye with the character Dash in many ways. The holiday is really overhyped, people’s love for decorations is excessive, and the amount of money spent on Christmas is extreme.