Is Popeyes Chicken Sandwich better than Chick-fil-A’s?

At least Popeyes doesn’t closed on Sundays.


Popeyes new chicken sandwich is starting to pass up Chick-fil-A’s. As Chick-fil-A is the largest chicken, and third largest American fast food restaurant beating Popeyes. But everyone is arguing if Popeyes is actually better?

If you have been updated with the news, Popeyes’ released their new Chicken Sandwiches! Everyone has been trying to get their hands on the popular item. Many people had different opinions on which one is better.

A person on gave their opinion on the new sandwhich, “The sandwich looks pretty good. My first observation is that it’s noticeably larger and more full-bodied than the Chick-fil-A version I’m used to eating. Thanks to a generously thick cut of bird, it has some heft. Not only is there a nice, tangy mayo dressing on this sandwich, but it’s super crunchy. Not a half-hearted crunch, like it’s been slowly melding with the brioche bun into sogginess under a heat lamp for a while. Nope, this chicken commits to the crunch with each satisfying bite.It’s not just moist — it’s downright juicy. And spicy, too, with a kick that hits you from the very first bite. The overall flavor, juiciness, and crunch made this a better sandwich than I’ve ever had at Chick-fil-A. My favorite chicken sandwich ever? Yeah, probably.”

Another person on states their opinion, “The rumors are true: according to the internet as well as Eater’s tasters, Popeyes was the clear winner in the category, earning top marks by a wide margin in meat, texture/crunch, bun, and overall. The meat was described as moist, the buttermilk batter impressively crisp and craggy, the seasoning flavorful, the pickle crunchy, the brioche bun nicely buttery. “Best of the bunch,” one person wrote. “I want more, like, stat.”

I interviewed Freshman, Kristopher Maxwell, to see his opinion.

Have you tried the new chicken sandwich and Popeyes?

“Yes, I have,” said Maxwell.

What is your opinion on the sandwich?

“My opinion would be that the sandwich is really tasty, it’s really crispy and gummy inside. I also like how the bread and pickles taste together with the chicken, it was very good.”

Do you think Popeyes has a better sandwich than Chick-fil-a?

“Yes, definitely. Thats why it’s sold out, everyone is loving the sandwich. They don’t have enough chicken to keep up with it.”