An inside look at Northland’s fall sports

Northland athletes are gearing up for their new season and excited to take on State!

So many things are beginning for many of the students such as classes, college applications, and specifically sports. There are so many sports/activities that are starting this fall: cross country, football, volleyball, and cheer, that it’s pretty hard to keep up with. So I interviewed a bunch of athletes on their take on their season so far.

And one of the first sports is Cross Country as Districts and State is just around the corner for them. As they only had their first race on the beginning of the year. Many of the runners have been practicing during this whole summer!

With there average, normal practice, according to Senior Ian Wiestruck, “Normally, we run two laps for our warmup, and then we do static stretching and dynamic stretching, and then start our workout…”

And a lot of the runners are looking forward to many things, like Freshman Marian Mann looks froward to State this year.

“I am looking forward to the girl’s team hopefully doing really well at State. Because according to Coach Bo, we are supposed to at least place in the top three and I think that could be a really good opportunity for all of us,” Senior Lilly Brussard stated.

Though there are a lot of new runners like the Freshman coming into the sport, most of the Seniors say they are going to miss the sunrise, community, and environment the cross country team has every morning.

And volleyball, with their pristine reputation, and win last year at State, all eyes are on them as they take the court.

Interviewing Sophomore Kinsey Kraner, she states, “A normal practice consists of a devotional, warmups, and whatever things coach wants us to work on that practice.(blocking, defense, hitting, etc.)”

A lot of the girls also love the environment and vibe the practices and team have, as Freshman Kayla Pace describes the practices as “a lot of energy and a lot of love in the gym…”


There are also new changes to the team as the girls get a new Volleyball Coach.

Kraner describes her as amazing, “She is always pushing us to be the best we can be while still creating a relationship with each of the players.”

And then, the Northland cheer team who is the base of all our school spirit.

Senior Ally Wiley explains the average practice “starts with about a little bit of stretching to begin with. And then depending on what we have to get done with at the end of the week, it will either go over some cheers and bleacher manias… or will work more routine based.”

While the cheer team looks forward to every game and all the aspects of it.

Senior Skylar Fuller describes being out there cheering, “it feels great, it’s kind of like nerve wrecking for me personally, but it’s great. I love it.”

“It truly gives you energy,” Wiley adds on.

One of the cool changes to the team is the first ever male cheerleader at Northland.

Wiley responds by saying, “He is absolutely amazing and I’m hoping people will be surprised and happy that he’s here.”

And last but not least, the Football team, one of the most popular sports at Northland, where crowds from all over come to watch our team attack the field.When there is ever home game, there are always the Northland students and friends there to support.

“There’s a good chemistry and if we play to our potential, I fee like the sky’s the limit,” Senior Cade Carpenter mentions.

There are also new members of the team like Senior Rory Arnold where he explains his experience so far, “It’s been pretty good, I mean they’ve all been pretty inclusive to me because I’m new… so everyone’s been super nice and friendly. It’s been good.”

While most of the Football players are looking forward to going to State, playing with their teammates, and reaching their goals, Junior Stone Walker mentions what it feels like to be on the field when everyone’s watching you.

“It’s lowkey kind of stressful sometimes, because if you make a mistake it’s always on the quarterback… I don’t know, it’s kind of stressful but when you make a good play it feels great.”

Overall, there are so many sports starting this fall, so come out, bring some friends, and support your fellow cougars!