The Life of an Online Student: Christopher Hudson

The Life of an Online Student: Christopher Hudson

After interviewing, Senior, Christopher Hudson, I was able to get a taste of what it is like to be a student that is in virtual learning. And being told from a different perspective, there are many benefits to virtual learning.

Hudson explains that an advantage of virtual learning is being able to be in your own space, “The best part about it is being in my house and being able to do what I want in between classes or do other work during a boring class.”

He also mentions the lack of difficulty he experiences when it comes to virtual learning, “They give us our worksheets and they allow us to ask questions, so I still get my work done and get my information.”

However, with every advantage comes a disadvantage, one that Hudson mentioned were internet problems.

“Some issues are internet problems, so lagging out of class and keeping track of assignments on Google Classroom is sometimes challenging.”

Although Hudson isn’t able to see his friends in person or talk to the teachers at school, it doesn’t stop him from learning well either way.