Northland Student’s Winter Storm Experience!

How was your experience during the Winter Storm?


In Texas, we unfortunately had to experience a huge winter storm that turned south quickly. Many people had no lights, water, or power, and were left to freeze. Due to disastrous weather many lives were lost due to freezing, carbon dioxide, or fires.

At Northland, many students have been affected even the school. The campus had no power or water, this was unfortunate for may of the international students who stays on campus in dorms. Northland decided because of the weather and the conditions that it’s best that we didn’t have school.

Now that we are back, some Northland students return with a home that has working power, unbroken pipes, and water while others don’t. Here are our Northland students’ experiences.

I interviewed Junior Dylan Guillory for his experience!

“The experience was bad… for the first day I was excited then after… no,” Guillory expressed, “No power at my house. It was out for like four days.”

Vehicles drive on snow and sleet covered roads Monday, Feb. 15, 2021, in Spring, Texas. A winter storm dropping snow and ice sent temperatures plunging across the southern Plains, prompting a power emergency in Texas a day after conditions canceled flights and impacted traffic across large swaths of the U.S. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip) (AP)