Playoffs are in each reach as the Varsity Soccer Girls season comes to an end


Trinity Polk, Editor in Chief

The district games for the season officially started at the beginning of the new year and they have not come to play. Their chances at play offs are looking extremely strong and things are looking up after the Girls Varsity team won Monday’s game after it being tied. So far, the team has faced many things: COVID, injuries, weather issues, and more. However, the team has gotten stronger, everyone is healed, and ready to take wins for the rest of the season.

The team the girls played against on Monday was against St. Thomas and took their second win against them. A couple weeks ago, the girls won 3-1 and the players were thrilled because of it.

Senior Danielle Rangel, one of the Varsity players on the team, stated that “The game was fun” and how it was the best part of the entire night.

Sophomore Ciara Raven, another person on the team, also mentioned how, “The best part of the game was in the second half when we got back into the swing of the game and we improved on some of our mistakes, helping us win the game.”

And throughout it all, the team still had many favorite memories of the season.

Raven states how her favorite part about being on the team is how funny everyone is and how everyone is able to reassure and give constructive criticism without being rude.

Sophomore Ainsley Tarver states, “I love the energy that our team gives off and our connection as a team. We tend to get along and listen to each other’s advice which can be key… During this game, I enjoyed the hustle we endured, and the amazing play that each person has and were proud of.”

However another key thing that happened at the recent soccer game was Senior night where we celebrated all the Seniors on both the boys and girls soccer teams which turned out to be amazing. The girls received flowers and gift bags and to end the night, everyone was able to get hot chocolate. I interviewed one of the Seniors from the game, Danielle Rangel, and she stated what it was like to be a part of the team for all these years and her favorite memory.

“My favorite memory is getting pooped on by a bird during warmups,” but “It’s kinda sad being a senior because it’s my last year playing soccer. And I will miss having fun with the team, playing soccer, and getting those wins.”

As the season would be ending for most, it’s the start for many: teammates and coaches. This year, the team was blessed with the addition of two new coaches who has made such a big impact to the team.

Tarver mentions how she “[loves] the passion the new coaches have brought to soccer. They came out and had the best energy and effort to make our team stronger and play to our potential. They have improved the team and create a unique bond with each player. I really appreciate them.”

Others have mentioned how beneficial they have been to the team and how they were able to bring different perspectives. However, it’s also been the start for many players on the team. This year, there were five new additional players and they’ve made so much progress since the start of the season. Freshman Libby Frank, one of the new players, states how much she likes being on the team.

“I like it a lot, it’s nice to have people like y’all to welcome a new player like me on the team. Everyone is so sweet and has a good sense of humor. It’s really pressuring being the only freshman and being put under the spotlight like that, but you know, its a lot of fun and I’m getting better and better each practice and game.”

As the season progresses, we all hope that the team will keep fighting to their full potential. The next potential game is Friday, February 11th, against Cypress Christian! So come out and support your fellow cougars as playoffs is in sight!